What's New

Jan 2016
Added a new photo of an unknown building in Claude.

Dec 2015
I've rebuilt the site.

Nov 2015
The site has moved to a new host, please let me know if anything is broken.

March 2015
Karen Goodin sent links to more Ebooks and the Charles Goodnight Historical Center. She also says the county population in 2013 was 1949 with 1225 living in Claude! see front page and Local Information

July 2014
Added story and photo relating to the Quanah Parker Trail Ė see User Contributed Menu.

March 2014
Iíve started adding the Bs to the Birth, Death, Burial database.

December 2013
Yes! The maps are working. Thanks, David.

November 2013
The site has changed to WordPress. There are 87 published pages on the site.

October 2013
The site won County of the Month! Iím so excited I can barely type! Only one county can win each month, so itís quite an honor to be chosen twice.
Iím working on a new ďdecorĒ and trying to transfer the site to WordPress. It should be ready for its debut in a few more days.

June 2013
A new, more complete and more accurate catalog of Goodnight Cemetery.

April 2013
We have a list of marriages, 1890-1910

March 2012
Added a photograph of the Palace Hotel in Claude, updated some of the addresses, and repaired some links broken by some changes to the server. The BMD database now lacks only B, M, and S. Iíve added a page for Family Information and for Wayside Cemetery Ė not sure how I skipped it. We received a County of the Month Award from the TXGenWeb Surfing Committee!

June 2010
We received an honorable mention from the surfing committee!
Added letters C and H to the index.

May 2010
Added letter G to the index.

February 2010
I got a little side-tracked and havenít worked on the death index but am getting back to it this weekend. I have finished about 1/4 of them.

January 2010
I started indexing death certificates for people who died in or were buried in Armstrong County.
A new coordinator, a new design and a new URL.