William Warner

Located on the Courthouse square, northwest corner of US 287 and Trice Street, Claude.

Lat 35.110617
Lon -101.359172

Marker Text:
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Warner
Two of the most admired and beloved pioneer citizens of Armstrong County, Dr. Warner (1864-1934) was a country physician and his wife Phebe (Kerrick) (1866-1935) was an ardent humanitarian. Natives of Illinois, they were married in Claude in 1898. During his 35-year practice here, Dr. Warner made numerous calls by buggy and delivered over 2,000 babies, many in dug-outs. Affectionately called “The Little Brown Wren” for her busy, cheerful manner, Mrs. Warner originated women’s clubs in the Panhandle and continually worked to improve rural life. (1969)