Washburn, Texas

Located on US 287, at western city limits, Washburn.

Lat 32.364712
Lon -100.177574

Marker Text:
Town of Washburn
Planned by R. E. Montgomery, son-in-law of Fort Worth & Denver City Railway Builder- President Gen. G. M. Dodge. Named for family friend. Promoted 1887, Washburn for a time was F.W. & D.C. Line’s terminus. It had first newspaper on Plains– “Armstrong County Record”. Also had general store, lumber yard, 2 hotels, 2 saloons. Became junction point, branch line connecting F.W. & D.C. with Santa Fe Railway at Panhandle. Remaining as town dwindled: Judge Jas. Logue, donor cemetery site and founder Washburn State Bank, 1908; H. E. White, owner of store, lumber yard and elevators. (1970)