Boy Scout Troop Number 17

In the Courthouse Square, northwest corner of US 287 and Trice Street, Claude.

Lat 35.110617
Lon -101.359172

Marker Text:
Boy Scout Troop No. 17
One of the oldest Scout troops west of the Mississippi River, this group was organized in May 1912 by pioneer physician Dr. W. A. Warner (1864-1934). The first troop of about 30 boys met in a room above Dr. Warner’s drugstore and office. Because of his foresight, many of Claude’s civic leaders were influenced in their youth by ideals of scouting. Dr. Warner served as the first scoutmaster, followed by John W. McClure, Bert C. Wooldridge, Cecil Waggoner, and J. L. McFarland. Troop No. 17, also called the “Lone Star Pioneers,” is governed by the Scouts through their Junior Council. (1975)