Located on the Courthouse Square in front of the jail in Claude.

Lat 35.112922
Lon -101.364844

Marker Text:
Early Sheriffs of Armstrong County, 1890-1926
Inheriting peacekeeping duty from 1874-90 ranchers, the early sheriffs of Armstrong County (organized 1890) won great public regard. With their families, these men lived in jail quarters and fed the prisoners. There was no salary; fees were earned in civil and criminal process serving. Arrests were made for rustling and various other crimes. The earliest sheriffs were: John F. Wilson, 1890-92; Vince S. Terry, 1892-96; Pat H. Lynch, 1896-1904, 1919- 24; Jeff D. Martin, 1904-06; W.A. (Bill) Davis, 1906-10; Ranzil C. Rodgers, 1910-14; James D. Woodburn, 1914-19, 1924-26. (1971)