Coronado Expedition

Located in the Courthouse Square, on the northwest corner of US 287 and Trice Street, Claude.

Lat 35.110617
Lon -101.359172

Marker Text:
Route of Coronado Expedition
Led by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, this trail-blazing expedition set out from Mexico City in 1541 in search of Cibola, fabled 7 Cities of Gold. Finding only Indian pueblos, Coronado changed his course for Quivira, a supposedly wealthy Indian kingdom. This quest brought the entourage across the Panhandle plains to present Tule Canyon. Then with 30 men, Coronado went north by “Needle Point” — a route taking in Palo Duro Canyon and present Armstrong County, via Claude. He next continued into Kansas, but failing to find riches, returned to Mexico in 1542. (1969)